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Electrical release

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Electrical release


1.Floor plate design is ideal choice for low ceiling shop ;

2.By two cylinder plate and wire rope chain balance system, lifting off andlanding smooth;

3.Hydraulic power unit configuration throttling device, can always adjust the rate of decline;

4.Manual lock release from single sides;

5.symmetric column allows wider drive through clearance;

6.With 24V limit switch for optional;

7.Rubber support pad with spiral adjust the height and in stages adjust theheight,optional;

8.Rubber pad door-opening protection;

9.Toe protection device provided;

10.Have adopted 115% dynamic and 150% static loading tested;

11.CE Approved;

video:electrical release MT-TP40E two post lift

Technical Specification

Lifting   capacity 4000kg
 Lifting   height  1800mm
Overall   height2830mm
 Overall   width  3380mm
Lifting   time 40-50s/50s
Motor power    2.2kw
Min   height 110mm
Weight    550Kg
 Width between   platform 2820mm
 Power   supply 110v/230v/400v
Packing size2850mm*720mm*400mm  / 930mm*260mm*320mm1pcs(Pump sation)



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