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Mid-Rise Scissor

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Mid-Rise Scissor



1.Ideal choice for quick tyre replacement and simple service alongside of vehicle ;

2.Surface mounted or movable used, with optional movable kits;

3.Special and practical platform extension design broadens your service scope;

4.Pneumatic release system decreases noise emitted during service work;

5.Configuring mechanical safety lock to ensure that lift at different heightsto get the absolute security;

6.Optional 24V control voltage;

7.Anti- skid platform effectively prevents sudden drop-down of vehicle ;

8.Dynamic testing with 115% of rated capacity and static testing with 150% of rated capacity;

Technical Specification

 MT-W3000 MT
  Lifting   capacity    3000Kg/6600lbs
  Minimum   height    110mm
  Overall   height for platform   1400mm
  Overall width   for platform   1760mm
  Lifting   time   30s
  Motor power      2.2kw
  Lifting   height   1000mm
  Weight       560kg
  Power   supply   110V/230V/400V
  Air pressure  6-8bar
  Width between   platform  850mm
  Packing   size

 2050*1550*220 plateform 1pc

 380*420*1050 control box 1pc 



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