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Four Post Lift

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Four Post Lift



1.Suitable used in the car 4S shop and the repair and maintain service workshop as vehicles lifting,may also cooperating used with wheel alignment

2.4000Kg/5000Kg lifting capacity

3.Air release,easy to be operated,and provide electric release for choose

4.Aluminum shell motor prevents overheated

5.Low profile,minimum height is 200mm

6.Hydraulic cylinder located inside of runway,perfectly protected

7.The heavy duty steel wire drum,ensure the vehicles safety

8.Adjustable runways make lift suitable for more versatile vehicles

9.The automatic operated mechanical lock engaged in process to ensure the vehicles lifting safety

10.Runway synchronizer system provided for preventing vehicles form tilt possibly

11.The hydraulic system is equipped with device for over-load prevention

12.Pipe broken and steel rope broken protection device provided

13.24V safety voltage used for control system

14.Routine testing with 115% dynamic and 150% static loading

15.CE approved 

Technical Specification

  MT-FP5050 MT
  Lifting   capacity   4000kg
  Minimum   height    240mm
  Overall   height    2200mm
  Within the runway distance      880-1200mm
  Lifting   time   40-50s/50s
  Motor power      2.2kw
  Lifting   height   1800mm
  Weight      1600kg
  Power   supply  110V/230v/400V
 Runway width 550mm
  Runway Length  5000mm
  Packing   size 5350*630*750mm



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