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Portable Scissor Lift

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Portable Scissor Lift



1.Good choice for body shop or work shop and family;

2.Full 2800kg/6000lbs lifting capacity;

3.Pneumatic single point lock release;

4.Portable design , easy to move;

5.Two dual hydraulic cylinders;

6.Safety lock at any work height;

7.SUV adapters (4 PCS) included;

8.Separate motor stand included;

9.It has adopted 115% dynamic loading capacity and 150% static;

10.loading capacity tested;

11.Flexible lifting arms for various cars;

12.CE certificated; 

Technical Specification

 MT-YD2800  MT
  Lifting   capacity    2800kg/6200lbs
  Length  1685mm
  Lifting   height  1200mm
  Width  1000mm
  Lifting   time   30S
  Motor power      2.2kw
  Min   height   110mm
  Weight       451kg
  Air pressure  6-8bar
  Power   supply   110v/220v/380v
  Packing Size  2020*1150*190+1200*400*450
  40units can be loaded into one 20* container



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