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Mid-Rise Scissor Lift

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Mid-Rise Scissor Lift



1.Ideal choice for quick tyre replacement and simple service alongside of vehicle ;

2.Surface mounted or movable used, with optional movable kits;

3.Special and practical platform extension design broadens your service scope;

4.Pneumatic release system decreases noise emitted during service work;

5.Configuring mechanical safety lock to ensure that lift at different heights to get the absolute security;

6.Optional 24V control voltage;

7.Anti- skid platform effectively prevents sudden drop-down of vehicle ;

8.Dynamic testing with 115% of rated capacity and static testing with 150% of rated capacity;

MT-ML3000  Size (1760mm) 1000mm.pdf

video: mid-rise scissor lift

Technical Specification

 MT-ML3000 MT
  Lifting   capacity    3000kg/6600lbs
  Maxlifting   height  1000mm
  Overall   length for platform  1400mm
  Overall width   for platform  1760mm
  Width between platform  700mm(optional 850mm)
  Lifting   time   30S
  Motor power      2.2kw
  Min   height   110mm
  Weight       550kg
  Air pressure  6-8bar
  Power   supply   110v/230v/400v
  Packing Size

1900*1550*220 plateform/380*420*1050 control box 1pc



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