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Symmetric Column Clear Floor Lift

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Symmetric Column Clear Floor Lift



1.Clear floor design makes easy working under beneath the cehicle.

2.By two cylinder,plate and wire rope chain balance system lifting off and landing smooth .

3.Hydraulic power unit configuration throttling device, can always adjust the rate of deline.

4.Manual lock release from two sides.

5.With 24V limit switch. Asymmetric column allows wider drive through clearance.

6.Rubber support pad with spiral adjust the height and in stages adjust the height, optional.

7.Rubber pad door-opening protection.

8.Toe protection.

9.Trucks adapter can optional. Have adopted 115% dynamic and 150% static loading tested.

10.CE approved 

Technical Specification

  Lifting   capacity   4000kg
  Minimum   height    120mm
  Overall   height    3730mm
  Overall width      3340mm
  Lifting   time   40-50s/50s
  Motor power      2.2kw
  Lifting   height   1800mm
  Weight       650kg
  Width between   columns  2850mm
  Overall Size  3750mm*530mm*770mm
  Power Supply  110v/230v/400v



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