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Safety operation specification

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Safety operation specification

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1. Before use, remove the equipment and debris from the lifting machine and check whether the manual handle is normal. 

2. When supporting the vehicle, the four corners shall be on the same plane, adjusting the height of the corner rubber cushion to make it contact the chassis support part of the vehicle, the vehicle should not be too high, and the four brackets shall be fastened after lifting. 

3. After lifting the vehicle into the vehicle, the lifting device should be adjusted to move the lifting point of the modified model. 

4. When lifting up, the personnel should leave the vehicle and raise it to the height required. It must be inserted into the insurance lock pin and ensure the safety and reliability to start the operation of the car. 

5. In addition to maintenance and minor repairs, other cumbersome and bulky work shall not be repaired on the lift machine. 

6. The lifting machine should not be complicated, the lifting machine should be stable, the landing should be slow, and the lifting machine should be strictly prohibited when working. 

7. It is found that the operation mechanism is not working, and the oil leakage of the brackets or hydraulic parts should be repaired in time without the operation of diseases. 

8. Regularly remove the water from the lifting oil cylinder and check the quantity of oil, strengthen the pressure oil of the same number in time, and check the lubrication and lift drive gear and chain.

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